Sunday, January 2, 2011

Point, Click, Give! :)

I know I recently asked for your help regarding my sweet Ruby, but this help only requires you to click. :) 

Oprah recently named Donors Choose one of her favorite things for 2010. In a partnership with Bing, she is trying to donate $1,000,000 to teachers in need. If you follow a short registration process to make Bing your homepage, they will send you a $5 email gift card/donation code to apply to any project you want! 

Guess who has a project on Donors Choose?? ME! :) 

If you would, pretty please, follow the steps below and use a $5 donation code to help fund my project, it would mean the world to me! It won't cost you anything but time!

1. Click here: Bing Holiday Project: Donors Choose 
2. Click on the orange "Start Here" button.
3. Fill in your email address for "I Choose. Bing Gives $5."
4. Visit your email and retrieve the donation code.
5. Go to my Donors Choose page and look on the right hand side for the Give Any Amount pull down tab. Type in $5 and click the green arrow.
6. Review your cart and click through to check out.
7. Copy the donation code from your email and paste it in the "I have a gift code!" box.
8. Click on "Place My Donation" to apply it and you're done!

I really appreciate anyone out there taking the time to do this. It's quick and painless and will (hopefully!) provide my kiddos, my co-teachers and I with some invaluable technology to help them "close the gap." 

Please do this before the opportunity "expires" on January 15th!

Muchas Gracias from all of us in Room 3! :)


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