Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowmaggedon 2011

I am currently enjoying my second day off, watching Scott Pilgrim Vs The World with my sweet boy. We picked it up yesterday on our walk to Kroger. That's right, our walk to Kroger.

Our front steps:
3 inches of snow covered with a lovely icy sheen

We did discuss using the car, but on our way to the car we almost broke ourselves so we decided to hoof it. We were going to get beer for the big game and it turned out to be quite the adventure!

That would be the ice that kept us from driving.
There was lots of it.
If you think he looks happy here, you should have seen him after we got the beer!

It took us about an hour and a half to walk there. We were super-bundled up: multiple shirts, sweaters and coats, pajama pants under jeans, gloves, scarves and boots. There were a few fools driving, but we were pleasantly surprised to see lots of other folks walking - and most of them for the same reason!

Evidence that we weren't the only crazies.

When we arrived at the blessed Kroger parking lot, it was empty but the inside was a different story. Packed! There were lots of other "walkers" who were loading up with similar goodies. We have plenty of food at the house, but times like this make me crave a few essentials: hot coffee and tomato soup. We also grabbed several Redbox flicks: Scott Pilgrim, Easy A and Grownups. The walk back was shorter, 45 minutes, as everything was downhill this time. After our 3 hour adventure we decided that we had probably burned all of the beer calories we would consume during the game. :) We did enjoy a delicious pot roast once we thawed out and warmed up again.

As we sat down to watch Scott Pilgrim this morning, Bryan had a revelation: "Crap. We have to take all those Redbox movies back."

Stay warm and stay tuned for Part 2: Return to the Redbox!


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