Monday, December 27, 2010

A White Weaver-Vegas Christmas!

We had heard earlier in the week that it *might* snow on Christmas Eve so we were hoping for a white Christmas, but we had no idea it would look like this:

Mama and Daddy's house

View from the back deck
Unfortunately, all of this gorgeous white stuff has kept us from driving to meet Bryan's family in Florida. The roads leading to the highways are super-frozen and our little Matrix does not have 4 wheel drive. It's an odd feeling to be thankful for extra time with one family while missing the other family... the things married life teaches you. :)

We did play Dirty Santa last night. Among the gifts opened were:

Some awesome fake teeth.

A Bump It!

And... the world's best bathroom decor EVER!
After we decided that the roads were just too icy to drive on, we bundled up and went for a walk to prevent Cabin Fever from setting in.

Daddy and Mama

Bundled up!

Wishing Nattie wasn't stuck in Mars Hill!

A Boonie Bundle!
I will admit to having some fun at Mama's expense a couple of times... we *might* have pushed her down in the snow. :)

On the way back we stopped off at the neighbors' house to borrow a couple of sleds. Oh, the fun we had! :)

My sweet snow boy!

Getting ready to ride!

The snow is still falling! We are hoping to be able to head home tomorrow afternoon. It has been quite the adventure here in Weaver-Vegas!


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