Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stir Crazy

I am now headed into my fourth day off from work due to the nasty road conditions. I was actually jealous of Bryan as he headed off to work for the first time earlier this morning. Do you know how sick and twisted that is??

In all seriousness, I am ready to go back to work. I was actually hoping for a workday tomorrow - maybe Friday at this rate?  I miss my friends and the munchkins. If we don't go in on Friday, we won't go back to work until next Tuesday!! (MLK holiday on Monday) That is nuts!! Right now, there are also rumors floating around that they will take away our February break in order to make up for the lost days this week. Knowing how l-o-n-g the distance between MLK weekend Spring Break in April feels, I am not a fan of that idea. At all.

On a happy note, I've gotten a lot done at home - caulked a bathtub, blogged, written lesson plans, cut coupons, folded about a million loads of laundry and cooked 3 meals a day almost every day since Saturday. We've even managed to stick to our New Year's low/no carb diet. Do you know how hard that is when you are stuck inside and all you want is a grilled cheese and soup??? Luckily, on our trek to Kroger I found some low carb tortillas on an almost empty bread shelf and viola! Cheese Quesadillas and Soup!

We've had fun together - playing Wii, watching movies and our good friends John and Neeley came over last night.  I made a big pot of black bean soup, a salad and some "goo" (Thanks, Mom!) and we were able to enjoy the sound of other peoples' voices for a few hours. :)

I hope this finds everyone warm and toasty! I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to some sunshine this weekend!!


J. et K. said...

mmmm... I love your black bean soup recipe. You should share it on here.

Julie said...

Hi Abby,
I totally agree that I'd rather be at school with my kids than be stuck at home like we have! I know from slip-sliding around like I have the two times I've ventured out that having the buses and high school drivers on the roads would NOT have been a good idea, but I hate knowing we're losing our treasured days off later on. As a Gwinnett teacher, our Feburary and March days are now gone, and we have another day or two tacked on at the end of the year. The time between now and Spring Break may make me a little stir crazy!

Enjoy your weekend,
Julie (friend of Nicole's)

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