Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kadee Ann Boone Primus

Today, my sweet sister Kadee turns 30
In honor of her birthday, I'm going to share 30 Things I Love About Kadee!

30. Our phone conversation are always at least 20 minutes long. There are no "short" phone calls with Boone girls. 
29. She very patiently answered all of my questions (and Jennie's!) when I was getting married. Her advice was pretty spot-on too!
28. In the 5 years of dance classes we took together, she never once made fun of me for being completely uncoordinated. :) 
27.She knows how to play A-Team. And she is the best at being Hannibal.
26. Kadee knows how to compromise. It was her idea to have 3 imaginary "Kirk Cameron" boyfriends when we were little. He had imaginary identical triplet brothers. You know, so we didn't have to fight over the real one. When we were 9, 7 and 5. Sorry Nat... you weren't old enough for a Kirk Cameron boyfriend yet.
25. Eskimo nose!

24. She knows the value of a good set of hot rollers. 

23. Kadee is the one of the only people I would want to almost-pee-my-pants with in a CVS. 

22. Kadee always knows which Sunday Shoes make the best Barbie cars.
21. She knows why this is funny.
20. She is the best Ramona-bang-fixer/hider I know.

19. Her boyfriends always made mine look like angels. ;-)
18. She bleeds Tarheel Blue!

17.Without her, there would be no Hayley Bird in my life.

16. If she wanted to, she could make you call her Dr. Primus. Fo' serious.
15. She is a very good snuggler. And she can fall asleep pretty much anywhere.

14. Kadee can tell you what a Lula is... and where it came from.
13. She knows all of my secrets. And she still loves me.
12. Um, because she can do this:

11. She can be serious...

10. Or silly...

9. Kadee is one of the most naturally "brootimous" people I know.
8. We have had 3 of the same boyfriends... and we can laugh about it... and admit that it's kind of weird.
7. Whenever we played school, she always let me be the teacher. She had the best grades in my class. :)
6. She appreciates my nonsense song messages.
5. She made JP my brother. :)

4. She holds me accountable.
3. She is really good at harmonizing. I love to sing with her.
@Kari's wedding rehearsal

2. Kadee has been my roommate more times than I can count. She gets a prize.
1. Kadee has been one of my best friends for 30 years, and I'm counting on at least 30 more!!

Kadee Ann Boone Primus, I love you! Happy Birthday!!


Nikki said...

That was so sweet Abby! You just made me like Kadee even more! I know the Boone girls gave her the best birthday ever! Happy Birthday Kadee!

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