Monday, February 14, 2011

On The Night Before Valentine's Day

I had the hiccups.

Right when I wanted to go to bed.

Not my favorite thing.

My sweet boy *might* have heard me moan and groan about the aforementioned hiccups.

I went on with my face-washing-teeth-brushing-contact-cleaning routine before bed.

Just as I am putting on my pajamas, the "sweet boy" sneaks up behind me and SCREAMS.

Ladies and gentlemen, this was not a normal scream.

It was very loud.

It even came with a crazy face.

It was worse. Trust me.

It scared me so badly I cried for 5 minutes.

I was very thankful I did not pee my pants.

(I am not a fan of scaring.)

The "sweet boy" had to hold me until I stopped.

Only he was laughing the whole time, so then I got mad.

I made him promise never to cure my hiccups that way ever again.

It is a good thing he got me this for Valentine's Day:

My new favorite.

Anybody else have a Valentine's Eve story they'd like to share?

Editor's Note: The "sweet boy" would like me to note that my hiccups went away. 
Don't care. 
Scaring is bad.  


J. et K. said...

I can't believe it worked! Next time, try III's trick: put a paper towel in a glass of water and drink, drink, drink...

laura anne said...

First of all, hilarious story!! HAHHAHAH!!! Second of all, a dollop of peanut butter ALWAYS works. The thick peanut butter and that air bubble cannot occupy the space of your esophagus at the same time, and the air bubble inevitably bursts... no more hiccups!! =)

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