Friday, September 10, 2010

A Weekend of Awesomeness

We got in late Friday night after a stop in Waynesville to visit with Aunt Tanna. It was supposed to be a quick in and out, but we ended up sitting and having the best talk. I love being in her house. It holds so much of my family's history in it and it's right next to where Bryan and I got married

We woke up Saturday morning to Mama making French Toast, bacon and LOTS of coffee.  In the afternoon, we headed to Hendersonville for the annual North Carolina Apple Festival. Nattie had to work and couldn't go, so we had fun in her honor. :)

Mickey Mouse balloons


Trying to avoid a brain freeze?

 At least he shares!

On our way home Kadee and Jennie rode with me, and Chris and JP rode together so we could finish some last minute birthday shopping for Nat. We stopped at CVS so we could pick up birthday cards and it was there that hilarity ensued. 

Jennie had walked off, and Kadee and I were looking at cards. Kadee found a particularly funny card that may or may not have had a poop reference. When she showed it to me, I laughed so hard that I let out a little (but loud!) toot! We stared at each other for a millisecond and then laughed so hard that tears were running down our faces. (I told you!) Kadee dropped to the floor because she had to pee, and was trying to stop it from happening in the middle of the greeting cards section. 

I was smart enough to get my camera out. 
And yes, by this point, we are both on the floor trying not to pee our pants.

We recovered and went home and showed the card to everybody else who also thought it was hilarious. We had to warn my dad before he read it, because he had surgery to repair his ninth (yes, that's 9!!) hernia on Friday. It didn't help. He still laughed and it still hurt. What can I say? We're a family that laughs at poop jokes!

After dinner, we went out in Asheville with Nattie and her new boyfriend, Drew to a restaurant/bar called Usual Suspects. I don't think we were all home for her 21st birthday last year, so this was the first time we had all gone out together to get "grown-up drinks". 

New boyfriend Drew. 
We like him.
He can stay.

This is why he can stay:
1. He makes Nattie happy. 
2. He is silly. (Boone girls like silly boys.)

 Kadee and JP
We are such a serious family. 

The youth minister and his wife did not have grown-up drinks. 
They had water. Lots of it. With lemon.
They live on the edge.

 3 days of sister time = A full and happy heart.


Danger Chris said...

The youth minister did not have grown-up drinks in no small part because he had been fed beans and coleslaw for dinner. Things were pretty rocky there.

Allyson said...

Too funny! I love sister and family time it is the best. :)

Anonymous said...

Conner is currently on a high fiber...lots of beans diet!! I don't know if it is funnier that every time he took a step or laughed this evening...there was a HUGE toot...or the fact that I taught Bradley the beans, beans the musical fruit song and he won't stop singing it!!! Poop jokes and toots rock!!!

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