Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I do not have the words to describe how excited I am about going home this weekend. I miss my sisters so much it hurts. I have not been home in months. Do you know how long that is in Boone girl time? That's like, 7 years. Seriously.

 I know this is an old picture. 
But this is my favorite picture with my favorite people on the planet. 
So there. 

There is going to be lots of hugging, and snuggling, and laughing until we cry - or pee our pants - whichever comes first. We are going to stay up way too late talking, and get just loud enough that Mama has to come out of her room and tell us to hush up. Then we will feel bad and apologize and talk about going to bed, but we will stay up just a little bit longer because we know that all too soon we will head back home. 

And then I have to go back to missing them.

PS - I cannot promise pictures from this weekend. I still have Middle School Moon Face with a Buffalo Hump that is not fit for public consumption. Thank you for your patience.


Peggy said...

Ah ha! I found you again!

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